Forest Lea Stables

Located In The Heart Of The Ottawa Valley

About Forest Lea Stables


 Forest Lea Stables is the ideal place to board your horse.  Forest Lea Stables is owned and operated by Donna Stokell and operated jointly with her husband Tom Kennedy.  Donna is a graduate from the University of Guelph with a “Certificate of Distinction” in Equine Sciences.  Tom’s family have owned, ridden, worked and been involved with horses for over 100 years. 

    Tom’s current mount is “Keben Polly Jill”, his 15-year-old Belgian.  She has been started under saddle and brings many hours of enjoyment as we watch her progress into her new discipline of Western Pleasure.

    Located in the heart of the Ottawa Valley, Forest Lea Stables has 100 acres nestled in the beautiful Ottawa Valley, about an hour and a half north west of Ottawa.

    Our farm is important to us, as it has been in the Kennedy family for over 100 years.  In all seasons the farm is beautiful as we look into the distance always having an amazing view of the Laurentian Mountains. We have seen deer in the pasture and geese in the fall as they begin their migration south.  In the winter, when there's a full moon, and the reflection from the snow makes it as bright as day with fresh fallen snow, we let the horses out to play and enjoy the fresh fallen snow. 

    The barn was built in 1915 as a dairy barn.  In 2004 we began our major renovation removing everything from the entire barn.  The completed renovations include 12 horse stalls, rubber mats, special horse caged lighting, new wiring and windows along with a security camera system making it a safe and comfortable environment.