Forest Lea Stables

Located In The Heart Of The Ottawa Valley

Boarding At Forest Lea Stables




-100 square feet

-Wall-to-wall rubber matted and deeply bedded in clean pine shavings.

-Stalls cleaned daily



Feed Program

-Twice daily feeding of quality hay – when extremely cold horses are fed three times per day

-Portion sizes geared to EACH individual horse.


*We are happy to add any special supplements to the above, as supplied by owners. 



Health and Safety

-Salt blocks furnished.

-Since horses should eat in a natural, head-down position horse are fed on the rubber mats in the stalls or on the ground 

-Outdoor water troughs are cleaned often and are checked daily.

-Fencing here is equine electric braid, page wire, poles or 4 rail board fencing

-Our fences and facilities are kept in excellent repair.

-The shavings used are a mix of small and medium grade, which reduces dust but retains absorbency.

-All horses boarded are required to receive yearly inoculations and rabies shots.

-Hitching  posts are located at the door of the tack room so you do not have to carry heavy saddles and equipment 

-Rubber mats cover work area floors.




-Owners may use any veterinarian  or farrier or their choice.

-Owners may invite their own trainer to give them lessons here. Trainer must have insurance.

-Our soil is natural sand, therefore both the arena and the paddocks have excellent drainage and mud is not usually a problem here.

-The arena, although not covered, can be usable year-round.

-There are private trails that you can ride on within our 100 acre facility